Looking after a garden tree.

Trees drink up water from the ground through their trunks.

Where to plant a tree.

We can agree on the need to plant trees, but it is important that we do so in a responsible way. While you may identify places that you feel could be enhanced with the planting of trees, unless you own the land then the owner may not be pleased if you plant trees without their permission.

So, in basic terms, you should ensure that it is not going to cause problems with the landowner, whether it is a local council, a farmer, a company or institutionally owned land. Trees grow and some may be very large, so if they were to be planted in an urban location say alongside a highway or near to a building, then the roots may eventually cause problems with a building's foundations. Alongside a highway, the branches will need trimming and other ongoing maintenance which unless the Highways Department agrees to take it on, makes this an unsuitable location. For a house it is recommended that trees are not planted closer than 3m to 7m from a house, depending on the type of tree being planted.

Broad leaf trees

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Evergreen trees

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From little Acorns

..mighty oak trees grow. Make a hole, bury the acorn, cover with soil and wait.

A Tree Plug

A small sprouting tree with a plug of soil around the roots. To be carefully planted and watered.


Young trees. Planting the first of many.

Plant New Trees

Sponsor us to plant trees within a managed forest.